About Us

Welcome to a glittering little corner of the world where art, artifact, and gorgeous gemstones come together in unique handcrafted items.


Artist-in-residence Leslie Hunt has been creating--and selling--her "pretty little chips" for over a decade. When the creative bug bit hard, the former professional writer struggled to create with a single medium.                                     

 Our Studio

Adopting increasingly challenging skill sets (from sewing to painting to metalsmithing and beyond), Leslie filled her home (and those of her friends!) with a cheerful assortment of jewelry, accessories, and home decor--created with a broad expanse of materials and techniques.            


Pretty Little Chips is a happy accident engendered by Leslie's dual love of color and pattern. It's a forever-inspired, constantly surpising array of pretty little things--fully handmade, and straight from the heart.


Inspired by diverse handcrafts and arts that span the globe and several late centuries, Leslie invokes interesting patterns and color combinations in eye-catching works of diverse mediums.


Here at Pretty Little Chips, our mission is simple: in world that isn't always the kindest, we aim to brighten things up a bit.


Our creativity doesn't fit in a box. Why should you?

(By the way, Pretty Little Chips lives in (and loves!) Austin, Texas.)


little Leslie